What is equivalent in English translation?

If one amount or value is the equivalent of another, they are the same. Equivalent is also an adjective. Calls for equivalent wage increases are bound to be heard. The equivalent of someone or something is a person or thing that has the same function in a different place, time, or system.

What is translational equivalence?

Translational equivalence is the similarity between a word (or expression) in one language and its translation in another. This similarity results from overlapping ranges of reference. A translation equivalent is a corresponding word or expression in another language.

What is an example of equivalent?

The definition of equivalent is something that is essentially the same or equal to something else. An example of equivalent is (2+2) and the number 4. Since 2+2= 4, these two things are equivalent.

What is equivalent short answer?

1 : equal in force, amount, or value also : equal in area or volume but not superposable a square equivalent to a triangle. 2a : like in signification or import. b : having logical equivalence equivalent statements. 3 : corresponding or virtually identical especially in effect or function.

What is equivalent sentence?

Meaning-equivalent sentences are. defined as follows: meaning-equivalent sentence. (to an input sentence) A sentence that shares the main meaning with the input sentence despite lacking some unim- portant information.

What is the root word of equivalent?

Equivalent’s Latin roots are “equal” and “value,” which suggests that the word originally was used to describe things that had the same value.

What is equivalent effect in translation?

Equivalent effect has been widely discussed in Translation Studies.. It means that the effect produced by a translation on its audience should be as close as possible to the effect the original had on the recipients in the source language. The influential western theorist Eugene A.

Can you have an equivalent translation?

That doesn’t mean that concepts don’t exist equally in two different languages or cultures – they do. When a word or phrase means exactly the same thing in both languages, we call that an equivalence, and it’s understandably one of the first things professional translators look for.

How do you find equivalent?

By making the denominators the same, we can evaluate if two fractions are equivalent. For example, find if 2/3 and 6/9 are equivalent. Multiply 2/3 by 3/3 to make the denominator equal to 9. Hence, by making the denominators the same, we can see, 2/3 and 6/9 are equivalent fractions.

How do you use equivalent in a sentence?

English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word “Equivalent” in Example Sentences Page 1

  1. [S] [T] Give me the equivalent in dollars.
  2. [S] [T] The two books are equivalent in value. (
  3. [S] [T] His request was equivalent to an order. (
  4. [S] [T] A meter is not quite equivalent to a yard. (

What is the synonym of equivalent?

Some common synonyms of equivalent are equal, identical, same, selfsame, and very. While all these words mean “not different or not differing from one another,” equivalent implies amounting to the same thing in worth or significance. two houses equivalent in market value.