What is Fairtrade famous for?

Clipper Tea was the UK’s first, and today is the world’s largest, Fairtrade tea brand. It was the first brand to offer green tea to consumers in UK supermarkets and in 2018 Clipper introduced the world’s first plastic-free, non-GM & unbleached heat-sealed tea bag made from all plant-based materials.

What are the main Fairtrade products in Australia?

In Australia, the main Fairtrade Certified products available are chocolate, coffee, tea, cotton, and on a smaller scale, sports balls, rice, quinoa and most recently roses.

What are the main products of Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade certification system covers a growing range of products, including bananas, honey, coffee, oranges, Cocoa bean, cocoa, cotton, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, nuts and oil seeds, quinoa, rice, spices, sugar, tea, and wine.

Is Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade?

They announced that Cadbury Dairy Milk will no longer be Fairtrade certified. Instead, all Cadbury products will be brought under Mondelēz International’s in-house sustainability programme, ‘Cocoa Life’.

What is a Fairtrade food?

Fairtrade is a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient. For farmers and workers, Fairtrade means workers’ rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay. For shoppers it means high quality, ethically produced products.

Is Ferrero Rocher Fairtrade?

OUR COCOA. As of January 2021, 100% of the cocoa for Ferrero products is sourced through leading certification bodies and other independently managed standards such as Rainforest Alliance (UTZ), Fairtrade, and others.

Is Nestle Fairtrade?

Nestlé is one of the leading buyers of Fairtrade certified cocoa through its KitKat brand and we are grateful for all this decade of partnership where we have contributed to the success of Nestlé. A non-Fairtrade trade relationship means regression and continued poverty.