What is flexera AdminStudio?

Complete Application Readiness Solution Flexera’s AdminStudio makes it much easier and less time consuming. Couple it with Package Feed Module and you get access to details on nearly 3,000 installers to help you create deployment packages faster.

What is InstallShield AdminStudio?

Advanced MSI editing powered by InstallShield AdminStudio includes the industry leading solution for authoring setups, Installshield. Build and edit MSI and MSIX installers with both simple and advanced capabilities in a powerful, intuitive environment.

Is InstallShield part of AdminStudio?

Actually, InstallShield is just one part of AdminStudio. Another part of AdminStudio—the one that does what you’re describing—is Repackager; for more information about that and other AdminStudio features, please see the AdminStudio home page: http://www.acresso.com/products/licensing/adminstudio.htm.

How do I download Admin Studio?

To access the AdminStudio product download via the Product and License Center:

  1. Log In to the Community.
  2. Click on “Product Access” and select “Product and License Center”
  3. From there, find the column with AdminStudio listed and select the “LET’S GO” button below that column.

What is flexera used for?

Flexera can handle large enterprise deployments; it is used to discover, verify, validate and document vulnerabilities in more than 55,000 products. Pro: Flexera uses Vulnerability Intelligence by Secunia Research.

Who uses FlexNet?

Companies Currently Using FlexNet Licensing

Company Name Website Country
Siemens siemens.com US
Lockheed Martin lockheedmartin.com US
STV stvinc.com US
ANSYS Inc. ansys.com US

How many customers does flexera?

Flexera is the largest homegrown technology company in the Chicago area, employing more than 1,300 globally with 288 in Chicago, and serving more than 51,000 customers worldwide.