What is Flying Machine Factory?

FMF – Flying Machine Factory – was set up in 1973 by a youthful and exuberant twenty-two year old by the name of Donny Emler, a typical Southern California native who like everybody else in the seventies found the urge to ride and race dirt bikes simply irresistible.

Where was the Flying Machine Factory?

Hawthorne, Calif
40 years of Uncle Donny’s Flying Machine Factory Don Emler, 62, started FMF in 1973 in a garage in Hawthorne, Calif.

Who created FMF?

Don Emler
In 1973 Don Emler created FMF out of a desire to go faster. For nearly fifty years FMF has been leading in the pursuit of precision, power and speed.

When was FMF made?

FMF founder Don Emler, 62, built his business from his garage in 1973 into a prominent motorcycle parts company. FMF founder Don Emler, 62, built his business from his garage in 1973 into a prominent motorcycle parts company.

What are FMF pipes made out of?

Made from carbon steel with a nickel plated finish for maximum durability, FMF Racing’s Tru-Flo stamping process is the evolution of 35-years of pipe making.

What is FMF stand for?

Overview. Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is a genetic autoinflammatory disorder that causes recurrent fevers and painful inflammation of your abdomen, chest and joints.

What is the difference between FMF Fatty and gnarly?

Both pipes have distinctly different power characteristics. Pick your poison. The Fatty tames the stock powerband, while the Gnarly gives up top-end for a potent bottom.

What is FMF in pregnancy?

Introduction. Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) or recurrent polyserositis is a recessively inherited disorder, clinically characterized by inflammation of the serosal, synovial and cutaneous tissues with clinical fever episodes which usually limits itself.

How did flying machine factory get its name?

That’s where he got the name Flying Machine Factory. When Marty won a world championship (round), it was kind of a big deal. All of a sudden, like an overnight sensation, my dad was known for building these crazy mods for Hondas and all these bikes back in the day.

What was the structure of the flying machine?

His flying machine consisted of a light frame covered with strong canvas and provided with two large oars or wings moving on a horizontal axis, arranged so that the upstroke met with no resistance while the downstroke provided lifting power.

What is the oldest flying machine still in existence?

It is preserved the Musee de l’Air, France, and is claimed to be the earliest man-carrying flying machine still in existence. In the last decade or so of the 19th century a number of key figures were refining and defining the modern aeroplane.