What is free vortex condition?

Free vortex flow is one in which the fluid mass rotates without any external impressed contact force. The whole fluid mass. rotates either due to fluid pressure itself or the gravity or due to rotation previously imparted. The free vortex motion is also called potential vortex or irrotational vortex.

Which of the following is an example of free vortex?

Explanation: Flow of the liquid around a circular bend in a pipe is an example of free vortex flow.

Is a free vortex irrotational?

Free vortex: When no external torque is required to rotate the fluid mass, that type of flow is called a free vortex. As there is no torque in the free vortex, so free vortex is an irrotational flow.

What is a free spiral vortex?

A free spiral vortex is the combination of a free vortex and radial flow. It can be modeled by the superposition of the stream functions of a free vortex and either a sink or source, depending on the direction of the radial flow. For a radially outward flow with a clockwise free vortex, (3.67) (3.68)

How vortex is formed?

It is basically formed when a fluid is stirred or spun. This natural phenomenon can take place on land, air, and water. When vortices are formed, they can complexly move, stretch, twist, and interact with the surrounding fluid. Once a vortex is moving, it carries with it angular and linear momentum, energy, and mass.

What is a vortex in fluid dynamics?

A vortex is a rotating region of fluid such as, for example, a tornado or a whirlpool. These vortices are generally created at a moving boundary due to the shear resulting from the no slip condition, but can also result from thermal circulation.

What is an irrotational vortex?

Irrotational vortices In the absence of external forces, a vortex usually evolves fairly quickly toward the irrotational flow pattern, where the flow velocity u is inversely proportional to the distance r. Irrotational vortices are also called free vortices.

Why vortex is formed?

Vortices often form as a result of a difference in fluid speed – like when fast wind moves over slow wind. This is what happens when you drag the plate through the water – the water right next to the plate moves quickly because of friction, but the water further away from the plate is stationary.

What is the vortex effect?

In The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion’s memoir about the death of her husband and her daughter’s sudden sickness, Didion describes being paralyzed by memories of her family triggered during mundane circumstances. She calls this experience “the vortex effect.”

Why does a vortex occur?

When the water level and pressure drop low enough, the water surface can hold back the water and stop the flow completely. If you spin the bottles around a few times, the water in the upper bottle starts rotating. As the water drains into the lower bottle, a vortex forms.