What is green strut used for?

Green coated strut provides superior resistance to chalking, checking, and fading. Due to the coating’s corrosion resistance, green coated strut is used in applications with exposure to common acidic atmospheres, solvents, and alkalis. The green coating contains no toxic metals.

What is slotted channel used for?

They’re often used to provide support for wiring and plumbing, but they’re also used to support mechanical components for larger appliances. Channel support systems are often put together using U-shaped slotted steel channels that are combined with fittings.

What is Unistrut channel?

Unistrut Channel is a standardized formed structural system used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support, often for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components such as air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Does strut channel rust?

What is the common use for Plain Finish Unistrut channel? Plain Unistrut is susceptible to rust and offers the least amount of corrosion resistance. That said, because it is plain, this channel style is ideal for projects requiring welding or powder coating. See below for a breakdown of the Plain finish.

Will galvanized strut rust?

Yes that will happen. You can buy cold galvanizing spray and that will slow the rust down. Or you can get stainless-steel or fiberglass strut that will never rust.

How much weight can a strut channel hold?

Beam Loading – Unistrut P1000 – 1-5/8″ x 1-5/8″, 12 Gauge Metal Framing Channel

Span (in) Max Allowable Uniform Load (lbs) Uniform Loading at Deflection
Span /180 (lbs)
96 420 250
108 380 200
120 340 160

How long will galvanized strut last outside?

about 70 years
Galvanized steel intended for prolonged outdoor use should be hot-dipped galvanized steel; which commonly lasts for about 70 years in many different environments.

How do you keep Unistrut from rusting?

To lessen the rust, use a paint primer or powder coating. Plain is the only finish that we recommend if needing to weld.