What is in the secret chamber in the pyramid?

One theory is that it may be the real tomb of a pharaoh. Another theory is that it was used as a storage place. There’s an interesting theory also which says it might be a second Grand Gallery. And in this theory actually the Grand Gallery was used to put the granite stones of the King’s Chamber.

Do pyramids have secret passages?

The function of these tunnels and blocks are unknown, but some believe that one or both could lead to a secret chamber. Egyptologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass revealed how they were first uncovered.

Why were there chambers inside of the pyramids?

They were often part of an extensive funerary complex that included queens’ burial sites and mortuary temples for daily offerings. The pharaoh’s final resting place was usually within a subterranean burial chamber underneath the pyramid.

Are there hidden rooms in pyramids?

Secret rooms and their passageways have been around for thousands of years. Many ancient Egyptian pyramids that memorialized the likes of the Pharaoh had secret doors and rooms to thwart thieves who were attempting to steal the riches of the Egyptian royalty who were planning on taking it with them into the afterlife.

What is behind the second door in the Great Pyramid?

As for the second “door” at the rear of the chamber, which is rough and unfinished, Spence thinks it is simply the end of the shaft. “It’s most likely to be a backing stone – there won’t be another chamber behind it, it makes no sense,” she says.

Do pyramids have rooms inside?

The pyramid contains three main chambers—the Queen’s Chamber, the King’s Chamber and a subterranean chamber. It also has a Grand Gallery—a 153-foot-long corridor with a steep incline that connects it the other rooms.

Who was buried in the small chambers within the pyramids?

Beneath its enormous construction, the great King Djoser was buried in a chamber tomb. Djoser was king of Egypt’s Third Dynasty, known for pioneering the construction of stone buildings, monuments and temples. Unusually, 11 of King Djoser’s daughters were buried inside this Egyptian pyramid’s chamber alongside him.

Are there undiscovered chambers in the Great Pyramid?

Two years after the historic discovery made by ScanPyramids, researchers have now revealed a new video announcing that the large void within the Great Pyramid of Giza has been confirmed by a series of new scans taken from different points inside the pyramid, including scans made from the so-called relieving chambers …

Why were there secret rooms and tunnels in the pyramids?