What is intelligent completion?

Intelligent completions incorporate permanent downhole sensors and surface-controlled downhole flow control valves, enabling you to monitor, evaluate, and actively manage production (or injection) in real time without any well interventions.

What advantages can intelligent completions offer?

Moreover, intelligent completions provide other important advantages such as production from several formations, zonal isolation, control of production rate from different intervals, and enhancement of artificial lift efficiency.

What is smart completion oil and gas?

Smart well completion is one of these intelligent or modern techniques that include permanent downhole sensors and surface-controlled downhole flow control valves, allowing to record, evaluate, and actively manage production in real time without any well interventions.

What is intelligent well?

The definition of an intelligent well is a permanent system capable of collecting, transmitting, and analyzing wellbore production and reservoir and completion integrity data, and enabling remote action to better control reservoir, well, and production processes.

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What are smart wells?

“Smart” or “intelligent” wells are advanced wells with sensors and valves installed downhole to allow for easy monitoring and regulation. The valves are adjusted remotely based on conditions detected by the sensors. [

What does a completion engineer do?

Completions engineers decide the best way to finish building wells so that oil or gas will flow up from underground. They oversee work to complete the building of wellsa project that might involve the use of tubing, hydraulic fracturing, or pressure-control techniques.

What are completion services?

Completion Services is a Well Completion Diagram Quality Assurance and Software Solution business, working with small, medium and large oil companies throughout the world that are looking to centralize and quality assure their completion schematics, resulting in easy access to what is actually downhole and the most up …

What is single zone completion?

Single zone completion is one of the types of upper completion which allows producing only one zone. Production tubing is a flow path for fluid from a reservoir to flow to the surface so it protects the casing from corrosion and maximizes the efficiency of the flow.