What is Jepara famous for?

Jepara is known for the Javanese teak wood carving art as well as the birthplace of Kartini, a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for Indonesians.

How can I import furniture from Indonesia?

Process of Importing Wooden Furniture from Indonesia

  1. Find All the Trade Regulations. First, Find out the wood import and export regulations of your country in advance.
  2. Fulfil the Import License. After that, Make sure you have the required import license before importing.
  3. Calculate The Costs.
  4. Select The Shipping Freight.

What is Indonesian teak?

Indonesian teak is a member of the birch family of large hardwood trees in the Verbenaceae genus that is valued for its high quality lumber that has many uses. It grows not only in Indonesia, but throughout Southeast Asia, and is also known as plantation teak.

What is Jepara furniture?

We are Indonesian furniture wholesale for outdoor furniture. We offer Teak Garden Furniture with high-quality products and competitive prices with good workmanship for your satisfaction in enjoying your life of our Indonesian furniture in garden and outdoor activity.

What is Jepara wood carvings?

The city of Jepara is well-known for its wood carving crafts which are recognized throughout the world. Jepara carving craft has a long history and is said to have existed since the Kalinyamat Kingdom.

Is furniture from Indonesia good quality?

Indonesia is a top-ranking country in furniture exports and is renowned for its sturdily crafted and gorgeous products.

Can I buy furniture from Indonesia?

There are many options when searching for furniture in Indonesia. As mentioned before, you can find both machine-made furniture and handmade furniture. In general, you will face high minimum order quantities if you order machine made furniture. Then, you can mainly choose between metal and wooden furniture.

Is furniture from Indonesia good?

The Indonesian furniture industry is highly versatile in terms of quality, product mix and customer service. Especially moisture content of wooden furniture often lacks control. Even if you properly kiln dry the wood, problems might occur later in the process during storage or transportation.

Is Indonesian teak good quality?

Indonesian teak furniture is made from superior quality teak wood. This wood has silica and natural oils that make it naturally resistant to termites and other pests. It makes Indonesian teak great for both outdoor and indoor environments.

What wood is Indonesian furniture made of?

Acacia wood comes from the Acacia tree, of which there are more than a thousand worldwide. The type of Acacia used for furniture in Indonesia is Acacia Mangium. The wood is hard and strong by itself, but tends to bend a lot in the drying process. The grain is slightly similar to teak, but the color is different.

What wood is used in Bali?

For all these reasons, teak is one of the most expensive woods on the furniture market. In Bali, it is used for furniture (teak tables, teak desk, teak beds for instance) of for home decor (teak bed headboards and other teak wood carvings are very popular).

Is Indonesian furniture good?

The unique Jepara carving can be found almost in all furniture. Since it is made from teak wood, it is wear resistant. Not only wear resistant, teak wood is also waterproof and termite repellent. Jepara furniture are also elegant and classy. They also have various products.

Can I order custom furniture from dejepara Indonesia?

Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporterwill serve you with their best service. They’re not only offer a product but also give you a chance to customize your own furniture. Yes, you can order the custom furniturefrom them. But, what are the advantages of ordering custom furniture? Here are some advantages you should know about it.

Is Jepara wood wear resistant?

It is consistently made from teak wood that is premium material for furniture. The unique Jepara carving can be found almost in all furniture. Since it is made from teak wood, it is wear resistant. Not only wear resistant, teak wood is also waterproof and termite repellent.