What is Job instance?

In Prometheus terms, an endpoint you can scrape is called an instance, usually corresponding to a single process. A collection of instances with the same purpose, a process replicated for scalability or reliability for example, is called a job.

What is JobExecution?

A JobExecution refers to the technical concept of a single attempt to run a Job. An execution may end in failure or success, but the JobInstance corresponding to a given execution is not considered to be complete unless the execution completes successfully.

What is Spring Batch Jobparameter?

JobParameters is a set of parameters used to start a batch job. JobParameters can be used for identification or even as reference data during the job run. They have reserved names, so to access them we can use Spring Expression Language.

What is JobExecution in spring Batch?

public class JobExecution extends Entity. Batch domain object representing the execution of a job.

What is chunk in Spring Batch?

Spring Batch uses a ‘Chunk-oriented’ processing style within its most common implementation. Chunk oriented processing refers to reading the data one at a time and creating ‘chunks’ that are written out within a transaction boundary.

What is Stepscope in Spring Batch?

Spring Batch in Action The step scope means that Spring will create the bean only when the step asks for it and that values will be resolved then (this is the lazy instantiation pattern; the bean isn’t created during the Spring application context’s bootstrapping).

What is JobBuilderFactory?

Class JobBuilderFactory Convenient factory for a JobBuilder which sets the JobRepository automatically. Author: Dave Syer.

What is the use of @StepScope?

Annotation Type StepScope Use this on any @Bean that needs to inject @Values from the step context, and any bean that needs to share a lifecycle with a step execution (e.g. an ItemStream). E.g.