What is Klingersil material?

KLINGERsil is a range of asbestos-free calendared sealing materials able to cover a wide range of applications based around a number of different fibres and rubber binders. All KLINGERsil materials are manufactured with KLINGER’s unparalleled levels of quality control to meet KLINGER’s high specifications.

What is Klingersil gasket?

KLINGERSIL C-4401 is a universal gasket material for use in a wide range of applications. The general purpose gasket material has excellent sealability and chemical resistance. This material is manufactured with aramid fiber reinforced with a nitrile binder.

What is KLINGER sheet?

KLINGER’s sealing sheet material for soft gaskets is based on four product groups: KLINGERSIL®, KLINGER®top-chem, graphite-based gasket materials and KLINGER® Milam. Together, these gasket sheet product groups provide the broadest range of soft sealing materials found within the industry.

What is the meaning of CNAF gasket?

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre
NAF or CNAF Gaskets (Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre) are used widely throughout a range of industries to seal flanges and joints. Asbestos used to be the material of choice for gaskets used in many industries including ships, boilers, refineries and engines.

What does Klinger mean?

Klinger or Klingler is a Germanic surname found in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland primarily. It is most likely occupational in origin, describing someone who made and sold blades or swords.

What is c4400?

KLINGERSIL C-4400 is a universal material for a wide range of applications. This material is resistant to oils, water, steam, gases, salt solutions, fuels, alcohols, moderate organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants, and refrigerants.

What is af120 gasket?

A compressed synthetic Aramid fibre jointing sheet bonded with elastomers to create a matrix of stability. Colour: Green. Service Conditions. Suitable for light industrial applications.

What is NACF gasket?

NACF Gaskets Non-asbestos fiber mixed with heat/chemical resisting rubber binder, then rolled and vulcanized. Used as pipe flange and gasket for equipment in various industries.

What ethnicity is Klinger?

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