What is Koch gaming?

Koch Media | Games. Koch Media is a leading producer and marketer of digital entertainment products like video games. Its business divisions in the gaming sector include game development and Self-publishing under the labels Deep Silver and Ravenscourt, as well as Partner Publishing and Distribution.

Who is Koch Media owned by?

Embracer Group
Koch Media’s parent company, Koch Media Holding, was acquired by Swedish holding company Embracer Group (then known as THQ Nordic AB) in February 2018.

How much is Koch Media worth?

It’s approaching two years since THQ Nordic acquired Koch Media and its Deep Silver publishing label for $150 million. Yet the company has managed to retain its own brand identity and a decent level of autonomy, rather than being wholly absorbed into its ever-expanding parent.

What games does Deep Silver make?

Deep Silver Vienna has only produced one game, Cursed Mountain, which was developed in association with Sproing Interactive and released in August 2009 for Wii. Deep Silver first gained widespread attention with their release of Dead Island and their acquisition of Volition.

Who owns the Embracer group?

Lars Wingefors
Embracer Group

Logo in use since September 2019
Formerly Nordic Games Licensing AB (2011–2016) THQ Nordic AB (2016–2019)
Owners Lars Wingefors (24.21%)
Number of employees 12,500+ (2022)
Parent Nordic Games Group (2011–2016)

Who bought THQ?

On June 12, 2014, Nordic Games announced that it had acquired the THQ trademark, allowing the studio to publish games under the THQ name. In August 2016, the company was renamed THQ Nordic in an effort to better associate itself with the historic brand.

Is Metro a Russian game?

Both the Metro book series and the game franchise follow Artyom, a young man who eventually becomes a hardened Ranger in the horrors of the post-apocalyptic world. While Glukhovsky himself is Russian, the Metro games are developed by Ukranian studio 4A Games.

Who made Dead Island?

TechlandDead Island / Developer

Is Windbound good Reddit?

Windbound is a good survival game, but it fails to deliver a real vibrant story and a good rhythm during exploration and crossing phases. Windbound loses its potential in getting bogged down by unbalanced survival mechanics that distract from it’s best features.