What is ListIndex?

The ListIndex property contains an index of the selected row in a list. Values of ListIndex range from -1 to one less than the total number of rows in a list (that is, ListCount – 1). When no rows are selected, ListIndex returns -1.

What is ListIndex VBA Excel?

The ListIndex property is an integer from 0 to the total number of items in a list box or combo box minus 1. Microsoft Access sets the ListIndex property value when an item is selected in a list box or list box portion of a combo box.

What is the difference between ListCount and ListIndex?

ListCount is always one more than the highest list index, since list index begins with zero. ListIndex : When a project is running and the user selects an item from the list, the index number of that item is stored in the listIndex property of the listbox.

How do you create an index in Python?

Python List index()

  1. Syntax. list.index(element, start, end)
  2. Parameters. Parameters.
  3. Return Value. The list index() method returns the index of the given element.
  4. Example: To find the index of the given element.
  5. Example: Using start and end in index()
  6. Example: To test index() method with an element that is not present.

How do you find the index number in Python?

index method :

  1. List index method is used to get the index of first occurrence of item ( passed as an argument ) in a list object.
  2. Syntax : < List Object >.index( < item > [ , start [ , end ] ] ) : < int >
  3. This method is used to count total number of occurrence of item ( passed as an argument ) in a list object.

What is index in Python DataFrame?

Definition and Usage. The index property returns the index information of the DataFrame. The index information contains the labels of the rows. If the rows has NOT named indexes, the index property returns a RangeIndex object with the start, stop, and step values.

How do I create a ListBox in excel macro?

Create a List Box on the Worksheet

  1. On the Excel Ribbon, click the Developer tab.
  2. Click Insert, then click the ListBox control tool.
  3. On the worksheet, draw a rectangle with the List Box tool, to create the List Box.
  4. With the List Box selected on teh worksheet, click the Properties command on the Ribbon’s Developer tab.

How do I add items to a ListBox in excel VBA?

If you want to add items to a multi column listbox, you need to use “AddItem” to add a new row and then either “List” or “Column” to add the specific items past the first column. Both column and row numbers in a listbox start at 0 by default and not 1.