What is Mara and Clara real name?

Mara (Judy Ann Santos) lived as the poor daughter of the couple Susan (Susan Africa) and Gary Davis (Eruel Tongco/William Martinez) while Clara (Gladys Reyes), their real daughter, was brought up the rich Amanthe (Juan Rodrigo) and Almira Del Valle (Beverly Vergel).

Which country is Mara and Clara from?

Mara Clara is a Philippines Television series that was first aired on ABS-CBN in 1992. Dubbed as the mother of Filipino telenovelas, the remake of Mara Clara presents a modern twist and a whole new cast that the audience of this generation would surely love.

How did Mara Clara end?

In the end, Clara regretted and made up for all her wrongdoings by helping in the capture of Gary. The finale episode was indeed filled with suspense and action as the fugitive Gary kidnapped Mara and Susan and brought them to a warehouse where he locked Mara in a water tank.

What happened in the end of Mara and Clara?

How many seasons does Mara and Clara have?

2Mara Clara / Number of seasons

How many episodes does Mara Clara have?

158Mara Clara / Number of episodes

Is there a TV series called Mara Clara 2010?

For the 2010 series, see Mara Clara (2010 TV series). Mara Clara is a Philippine drama television series on ABS-CBN, which aired from August 17, 1992 to February 14, 1997 replacing Sebya, Mahal Kita. The series stars Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes.

What is the meaning of Mara Clara?

The title is derived from María Clara, a mestiza heroine in Noli Me Tángere. Mara Clara was the highest-rated program of 2011 in Philippine television according to Kantar Media Philippines. The series is streaming online on YouTube.

Is Morena Clara a telenovela?

Morena Clara (TV series) Morena Clara is a Venezuelan telenovela created by Ligia Lezama and produced by Venevisión in 1994. The series was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.

Who is Mara in the remake of Mara vs Clara?

Kathryn Bernardo is slated for the role of Mara, with Julia Montes as Clara. The 2010 remake, starring Kathryn Bernardo as Mara and Julia Montes as Clara, aired on ABS-CBN from October 25, 2010 to June 3, 2011.