What is mutated fern flower used for in Fallout 4?

Characteristics. Ferns with brown and green leaves, capable of blooming and producing purple flowers. These flowers heal radiation if consumed and can be processed into radiation chems such as Rad-X and RadAway.

Where can I find a mutated fern flower in Fallout 76?

Located predominantly in the Toxic Valley, Mire, and Cranberry Bog regions of Appalachia.

Where can I find Razorgrain in Fallout 4?

One can be found among several razorgrain plants in University Point. Two can be found south of Parsons State Insane Asylum, near the water. Three can be found around the pond in Robotics Pioneer Park.

Where can I buy a mutated Fern?

Most of the mutated fern flowers are found in clumps of ferns on the roofs of the buildings. Five can be found at the Slog. Two outside the eastern entrance to the building, and three around the rusted cars by the bus. Two can be gathered behind Slocum’s Joe in General Atomics Galleria.

How do you plant Mutfruit in Fallout 4?

Mutfruit trees may be planted by using one piece of mutfruit each, providing a settlement with one unit of food and allowing the player character to regularly harvest a single piece of mutfruit from each tree. Mutfruit is the only settlement food source that provides 1 food per tree, instead of 0.5.

What are hub flowers used for?

They create sizable bushes with large, hanging, and bitter-tasting violet flowers that have restorative effects and can be processed into a variety of curatives, ranging from teas and pastes, through salves, to a variety of drugs.

Where do I find fever blossom?

The only location for fever blossom is in Point Pleasant.

Where do gourds blossom?

The best place to find Gourd blossom is in front of the Sugarmaple mansion in the Forest. However, there are several other locations to search: Sunday Brothers’ Cabin in the Mire. Cobbleton Farm in the Toxic Valley.

What is Razorgrain flour used for?

Razorgrain flour

Effects Raw herb meal Reduces hunger by 1% Medium radiation Increases rads by 5

Where is Solomon Fallout 4?

the Diamond City market
Solomon is a drug vendor who runs the shop Chem-I-Care in the Diamond City market.