What is Nixor corporate?

Nixor Corporate is a bridge program that helps connect an academic experience with the skills necessary for success in the corporate world. This program, through its various student-run entities, contributes to a wide range of sectors including Finance, Engineering, Education, Healthcare, Music, and Social Welfare etc.

Who is the owner of Nixor?

Nadeem Ghani
It was founded in 2008 by Nadeem Ghani , Nasir Ghani, Naushad Karamali, and a group of teachers.

Why is Nixor good?

It is recognized by the British Council as one of the best A Level colleges in the country because of its comprehensive approach to a high quality educational program. Nixor College will change the expectations Pakistan has from its leading educational institutions.

What is unique about Nixor?

Unique Features Students applying to Nixor College have the option of listing a preferred teacher for each subject. The student’s preference is accommodated based on availability of space in class. Students applying early can benefit from this by selecting teachers they have studied from or are familiar with.

Is Nixor a good school?

In Karachi, three of the most prestigious colleges are Nixor College, Lyceum School and Karachi Grammar School (KGS). KGS is said to be the best school in Karachi and it has the highest standards of entry so you’ll be in the company of the best people.

How can I get admission in Nixor?

  1. Round 1 – Application Submission Deadline – December 15, 2021. Round 2 – Application Submission Deadline – March 15, 2022.
  2. 1st Round of Interviews: 1 November, 2021 – 31 December, 2021. (Applicable to applications submitted by December 15, 2021)
  3. 1st Round of Decisions: Communicated by 1 January, 2022.

Is it hard to get into Nixor?

It seems that it is very easy to get admission at Nixor College. Is that true? Nixor College follows a very rigorous admission process. Academics is not the only determining factor in Nixor’s admission process.

What grades are required for Nixor?

Expectation during Nixor Tenure: Committing at least 5 hours/week to community service and/or as a member of GCC. Attendance > 95% GPA > 3.0….Financial Awards

  • GPA > 3.75.
  • Attendance > 95%
  • No strikes.

Is Nixor better or Lyceum?

Lyceum is said to be the ideal college for students with commerce subjects, and it has some of the best faculty in town along with some amazing extracurricular activities. Nixor also has some of the best teachers in town and is now making a name for itself. It has notable extracurricular activities as well.

Does Nixor offer scholarships?

The scholarship offered for academic merit is split into two compononets – a monthly grant and conditional emplyment (teaching). The amount offered is determined by the scholarship matrix provided above.