What is NMTCB CT?

The NMTCB has developed a post-primary certification exam for computed tomography (CT). The NMTCB(CT) credential is designed to establish the competency of individuals who are qualified to perform in the role of a computed tomography technologist. The NMTCB(CT) Examination has on-demand scheduling.

What is the passing score for NMTCB?

Beginning January 1, 2018, the NMTCB’s entry level adaptive examination scores are reported on a scale of 200-500, with 375 set as the scaled passing score.

How many times can you take the NMTCB?

The examinee may then go through the three steps above again (i.e., three additional attempts to pass the exam). After a total of six unsuccessful attempts to pass the exam, you must successfully complete an approved nuclear medicine technology training program to become eligible to retake the examination.

How many questions are on the Arrt CT exam?

The CT Certificate exam has a time limit of 3.5 hours, so you’ll need to pace yourself. Since there are 185 total questions, you have slightly more than 1 minute per question.

What are the applications of CT?

Applications of CT Scan and MRI scan

Attribute CT Scan MRI scan
Advanced Applications Cardiac CT, Denta Scan, Multiphasic Liver scan, Angiographies, 3 D imaging of bones,High resolution scan of thorax. Spectroscopy,Diffusion tensor imaging,Breast MRI,Non contrast Angio,MRI Urography ,MRCP & Cardiac Imaging

How do I get Nmtcb?

Pay a $50 application fee and $175 exam fee (if required) Complete an ARRT- or NMTCB-recognized education program. Hold an NMT certification from the ARRT or NMTCB or pass the state licensing exam. Complete an approved four-hour HIV/AIDS education course that contains instruction on Florida’s HIV/AIDS laws.

How do I get NMTCB?