What is Nyango Star real name Nao Kawakita?

Nao Kawakita
Birth name Nao Kawakita (川北 奈緒)
Born December 16, 1975
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Nu metal, hardcore punk

Who is Nyango Star real name?

But now, all has been revealed in a new VICE documentary, which explores the backstory of this metal mascot called Nyango Star. The name is the result of Ringo (meaning ‘apple’ in Japanese), Nyan (the sound of a cat crying) and of course, Ringo Starr.

Who is behind Nyango Star?

You are reading this correctly. The character behind the drums’s name is Nyango Star, and he is a Japanese cat apple hybrid mascot, or “yuru-chara” as they are known in Japan, that is known for drumming along to metal acts like Slipknot and BABYMETAL.

Who is Nyango cat?

Nyango Star (にゃんごすたー) is a giant Japanese mascot cat-fruit hybrid whose ability to slay the drums has become an internet sensation.

Who is the Japanese cat drummer?

Nyango Star
Nyango Star is one of Japan’s most popular yuru-chara. He’s an apple that’s been inhabited by the spirit of a dead cat, and he absolutely shreds on the drums. He’s very cute but also very metal. And last year, Nyango Star gained international fame when a video of him performing became an instant meme.

How old is Nyango?

twenty years old
Nyango is twenty years old now. She still presides as the matriarch of the Limbe Wildlife Center.

Is Nyango Star a man?

Summary. Nyango Star is a Japanese mascot that is a mix of a cat and an apple and plays heavy metal drums.

How many mascots does Japan have?

Did you know that Japan has over 3,000 different mascots representing everything from cities to events? During the pandemic they may not be out as much, but usually you would see them around everywhere. The mascots are called yuru-kyara (say “yoo-roo keh-rah”).

Is Nyango star a man?

What is banana in Japanese?

Adopted Japanese Words

Fruit(s) kudamono 果物
Banana banana バナナ
Melon meron メロン
Orange orenji オレンジ
Lemon remon レモン