What is online library management?

Online Library Management System is an Automated Library System that handles the various functions of the library. It provides a complete solution to the library management software. The online Library Management System is classified into two parts Bar Code System and RFID System.

What is steps of library management system?

Here are the top use cases of the Library Management System: Add/Remove/Edit book: To add, remove or modify a book or book item. Search catalog: To search books by title, author, subject or publication date. Register new account/cancel membership: To add a new member or cancel the membership of an existing member.

What is the scope of online library management system?

This LMS (Library Management System) can hold limited number of information and data regarding books, students, and dates when students borrow the books. As mentioned earlier this system is a manual system which manages all this information in the paper based book known as register.

What are the objectives of Library Management System?

The main objective of the Library Management System is to manage the details of Address, Member, Issues, Books,Student. It manages all the information about Address, Librarian, Student, Address. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access.

What are the features of Library Management System?


  • Catalog management: to digitally keep track of what is available in the library.
  • Circulation management: to track the movement of books.
  • Bar-coding: to give specific identification to each book.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Online access:
  • Fee management:

What are the features of library management system?


  • A modern integrated library management system (LMS).
  • Can be scalable to Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform.
  • Print your own barcodes.
  • Full catalog, circulation and acquisitions system for library stock management.
  • Web based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) system.

What are the objectives of library management system?