What is Pontefract famous for?

Pontefract is a market town in the West Riding of Yorkshire with a population of 28,250 people. It’s famous for its castle, confectionery industry, coal mining, and horse racing.

What is someone from Pontefract called?

Technically, it is one of the five towns that make up the Metropolitan Borough of Wakefield. However, the people of Pontefract (they affectionately call their town ‘Ponty’, or ‘Ponte’) are firmly independent.

Why was Pontefract Castle destroyed?

2. A Castle Intentionally Destroyed by Parliament (and the will of the locals!) Oliver Cromwell hated Pontefract Castle, due all the trouble it had caused him during the civil war. Resultantly, he wanted the place destroyed at the first opportunity.

Who was beheaded at Pontefract?

Thomas, Earl of Lancaster (circa 1278–1322) was beheaded outside the castle walls six days after his defeat at the Battle of Boroughbridge, a sentence placed on him by King Edward II himself in the great hall. This resulted in the earl becoming a martyr with his tomb at Pontefract Priory becoming a shrine.

Is Pontefract Roman?

Roman. The modern town is situated on an old Roman road (now the A639), described as the “Roman Ridge”.

What did Henry VIII wife do at Pontefract Castle?

Pontefract Castle and Henry VIII’s Fifth Wife It is alleged that while staying at the castle, Thomas and Catherine began an affair. A love letter, written by Catherine to Culpeper was found in his chambers after their relationship was discovered.

Who attacked Pontefract Castle?

On Christmas Day 1644, Pontefract Castle was besieged. From 17-22 January 1645, cannon bombarded Pontefract Castle. After 1,367 shots fired on the castle, only a small piper tower was destroyed. The Parliamentarian army attempted to mine beneath the castle walls.

Is Pontefract a nice town?

Pontefract is among the top 5 most dangerous medium-sized towns in West Yorkshire, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of West Yorkshire’s 118 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Pontefract in 2021 was 119 crimes per 1,000 people.

Why is Pontefract famous for liquorice?

George Dunhill was an apothecary chemist in the family trade in Pontefract, and by adding sugar to liquorice (then a dissolvable, medicinal pastel) he created a chewable non-medicinal lozenge, inventing the sweet as we know it today.