What is process and product oriented performance based assessment?

Process-oriented performance-based assessment is concerned with the actual task performance rather than the output or product of the activity. 2.1 Learning Competencies. The learning objectives in process-oriented performance based assessment are stated indirectly observable behaviors of the students.

What is process oriented and product oriented?

The process-oriented approach evaluates how a skill is performed, whereas the product-oriented approach evaluates the outcome of the skill performance (Payne & Issacs, 2017).

What is assessment is both process and product oriented?

The process-oriented assessment takes the students’ actions (video analyses) and their experimental results (lab sheets) into account. The product-oriented approach only uses the lab sheets for scoring. Thus, our findings cannot be confounded by the task or the occasion of data generation.

What is process oriented assessment?

PROCESS- ORIENTED ASSESSMENT Process-Oriented Assessment • [1] Process oriented performance based assessment evaluates the actual task performance. It does not emphasize on the output or product of the activity. This assessment aims to know what processes a person undergoes when given a task.

What is product-oriented assessment?

Product-Oriented assessment is a kind of assessment where in the assessor views and scores the final product made and not on the actual performance of making that product. It is concern on the product alone and not on the process. It is more concern to the outcome or the performance of the learner.

What are the example of process oriented performance based assessment?

Emphasis on student’s ability to perform tasks by producing their own work with their knowledge and skills. Examples: singing, playing a piano, 5. PROCESS-ORIENTED LEARNING COMPETENCIES • Information about outcomes is important.

Why should we use rubrics in assessing both process and product performance activities?

As an Assessment Tool: The main purpose of a rubric is it’s ability to assess student’s performance or work. Rubrics can be tailored to each assignment or to the course to better assess the learning objectives.

What is an example of product orientation?

Product Orientation Example Gillette Company focuses on producing the best possible disposable razors at an economic rate. Thereby, they distinguish their products with high quality razor blade, ease of use and right pricing strategy.