What is Pullari Satyagraha?

As a part of the Non-Cooperative movement in Andhra Palnadu, Pullari satyagraha was organized by the people of Macherla Veldurthi, Durgi, Rentachintala, etc. in the Palnadu region who depended on the forest produce. Hanumanthu was supported by local leaders such as K.

What is the Palnadu Pullari movement?

Correct Answer : Movement refusing to pay tax on grazing of cattle in forest lands.

What is chirala perala movement?

Gopalakrishnayya is perhaps best known for the anti-tax satyagraha he led in Chirala during the Non-Cooperation Movement. The satyagraha had its roots in the decision of the colonial government of the Madras Presidency to combine the villages of Chirala and Perala in Guntur district into a municipality.

What is Palnadu famous for?

The region is most notable for the Battle of Palnadu that was fought under the leadership of Brahma Nayadu and Nagamma and their warriors. In January 2020, the Government of Andhra Pradesh approved making the region a district.

Who won battle of Palnadu?

Nalagamaraju’s side was victorious in the battle and Malidevaraju died during the battle. Brahma Naidu was forced to reinstate Nalagamaraju. Balachandrudu the valiant son of Brahma Naidu died in this battle along with his wife Manchala. A whole generation of Andhra warriors perished in the battle.

Who is nagamma?

Nayakuralu Nagamma was a 12th century renowned statesperson and minister to King Nalagama, the ruler of Palanadu in Guntur District. She is one of the key characters, along with Bramha Naidu, in the epic war – Palnati Yudham (War of Palnad) set in the medieval Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India.

Who is known as Andhra Ratna?

Gopalakrishnayya was diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis in 1926 and spent much of his last days in poverty and suffering. He died on 10 June 1928, aged 39. He is known by the title Andhra Ratna (or Jewel of Andhra).