What is rajbhog Darshan?

Rajbhog Darshan The main darshan of the day is Rajbhog. Shrinathji is well dressed and served with most delicious and nutritious food. An Aarti is performed. The Kirtankar is poet Khumbhandas.

Who built shrinathji Temple?

As per the religious myths, the shrine at Nathdwara was built in the 17th century at the spot as ordained by Shrinathji himself.

What is shringar Darshan?

Shringar Darshan is mainly related to temple open and closing timing. But Shringar Aarti is the time of worship of Dwarkadhish at morning and evening only.

What is Manorath?

The term manorath derives from the Sanskrit word manoratha, which literally means “mind’s vehicle.” The term has been loosely translated as “heart’s joy,” “desire,” “heart-felt wish,” and “cherished purpose or aim.” 19 In Pushti Marg devotional practices, this “desire” is associated with the aspiration of giving and …

How old is Shrinathji?

7- year old
The central deity of this temple is Shrinathji, who is 7- year old child avatar of Lord Krishna. The sculpture of the God is a monolith of black stone that depicts his iconic lifting of the Govardhan Mountain.

Why is Shrinathji Temple famous?

The temple has been designed in the lines of Nanda Maharaj (Krishna’s father) temple, in Vrindavan. Therefore, it is also known as Nanda Bhavan or Nandalaya (the House of Nanda). Structurally, a kalasha on the shikhara marks the top of the temple, on which seven flags are flown along with the Sudarshana Chakra.

Is Nathdwara worth visiting?

A place worth visiting for every Vaishnav and all Hindus The Nathdwara temple is considered as an ultimate abode. Seeking blessings from the Lord is a boon in itself. Visit the temple, do the darshan and seek divine peace.

What is Manorath in Nathdwara?

A traditional manorath represents a ceremony officiated by a priest in front of a Pushti. Marg icon, typically Shrinathji. Paintings representing this theme had a long history. in the Nathdwara visual repertoire, which is why the word “traditional” is apt to. describe them.