What is replacing the T1013?

The existing T1013 form will be discontinued for access to individual tax accounts. The T1013, RC59, and NR95 will be combined into one form called the AUT-01 Authorize a Representative for Access by Phone and Mail. This form will only be used to request offline access to individual and business tax accounts.

How do I remove an authorized representative from CRA?

1-800-959-8281 You or your representative can mail a form to the CRA. Fill in Form AUT-01X, Cancel Authorization for a Representative, and mail it to your CRA tax centre.

How do I authorize a CRA representative?

To authorize a legal representative or to delegate authority for your non-resident tax account, do not send a Form AUT-01. Instead, send the CRA a copy of the legal documents giving the person the authority to be your legal representative or delegated authority. By fax: Fax a form to authorize a representative.

How long does it take CRA to process authorization request?

After the CRA receives the electronic authorization request and certification page, the request will appear in a pending status for the client to approve within My Account. The client will need to review, validate, and either approve or deny the request within 10 business days or it will be cancelled.

Does CRA still accept T1013 forms?

Yes. The CRA does accept electronic signatures on Form T1013.

What is a T1013 form?

A T1013 form is an authorization form that allows someone to access, and make changes to your CRA Account (Social Insurance Number).

Where do I send T1013?

Form T1013 is signed by the taxpayer’s power of attorney or legal guardian. Send the legal document, such as the Power of Attorney or Court judgment, naming the Power of Attorney or legal guardian to the taxpayer’s tax centre without delay. Go to the CRA Web site for tax centre addresses.

How do I submit T1013 online?

Go to the CRA Web site for tax centre addresses. We will process the Form T1013 after we update the Power of Attorney or legal guardian on the taxpayer’s account. Do not send the signed and dated paper copy of the Form T1013 to the CRA. Retain the T1013 in your records for six years.

How do I set up power of attorney with Revenue Canada?

Authorization or Power of Attorney

  1. use the online service in My Account for individuals for granting an authorization or a power of attorney;
  2. complete and sign form MR-69-V, Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney;
  3. send us a handwritten letter granting an authorization or power of attorney.

Is T1013 still valid?

As of February 2020, the T1013 form, Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative, has been discontinued. An online process and a new form, called AUT-01 Authorize a Representative for Access by Phone and Mail, have replaced these forms.

What is Level 2 authorization with CRA?

There are three levels of authorization you can give your representative on your business accounts: get information only (level 1) update and get information (level 2) delegate authority, update and get information (level 3)