What is Ryan Pelton doing now?

Ryan still continues to write and record his original music under the name of Blake Rayne, and is currently working on his first original album under that name. “Blake” also continues to audition for acting roles, saying that, “Acting is one of the hardest things I have ever done… I guess that’s why I like it so much.

What is Blake Rayne doing now?

Rayne continues to work as an Elvis Tribute Artist under his real name, Ryan Pelton.

Is Blake Rayne an Elvis impersonator?

He is from Columbus, Ohio. Once a website designer, his life took a turn when he won an Elvis impersonator competition which he entered in 1998 on a dare from his mom. He spent time as an Elvis impersonator and later moved to Nashville to record his own work.

What is Blake Rayne real name?

Rayne (real name Ryan Pelton) grew up in Georgia and Ohio. He was always getting comments that he looked like a young Presley, and when he joined the Marines out of high school, his nickname was “Elvis.”

Who is Drexel The Dream Hemsley?

One twin, who remains with his birth parents, grows up to become the mega-rock star Drexel “The Dream” Hemsley, who is essentially Elvis. You know this because Drexel’s Graceland-type house is called Dreamland, but it’s in Nashville and not Memphis.

Where is Blake Rayne from?

PennsylvaniaBlake Rayne / Place of birth

Did Blake Rayne do the singing in the identical?

Blake Rayne is new to the film world, but has years of stage experience, working as a City of Peace recording artist. In his acting debut in THE IDENTICAL, Rayne plays the dual role of Drexel Hemsley and Ryan Wade. Rayne’s film debut also includes his performance of many of the original songs in the movie.

Where was the movie The Identical filmed?

The film is set to be directed by Marcellino, written by the Marcellino family, and shot in Marciano’s hometown of Brockton, Mass.

Who did the vocals in the movie The Identical?

Ryan Pelton sings most of the songs as well as other musicians. The songs span musical genre from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. I thoroughly LOVED this movie, and the music from the movie is just GREAT!!!

Is The Identical movie a true story?

The Identical takes a fictional look at what might have happened if Elvis Presley’s twin brother lived.