What is SAP Spnego?

SPNEGO (Simple Protocol GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism) is a mechanism used in a client-server context to negotiate the choice of security technology. It is used when the parties have no clue about the authentication protocols their correspondent supports. The negotiable security mechanism includes Kerberos.

How do I set up Spnego?

Configuring the client browser to use SPNEGO

  1. At the desktop, log in to the windows active directory domain.
  2. Activate Internet Explorer.
  3. In the Internet Explorer window, click Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.
  4. Select the Local intranet icon and click Sites.

How do I know if SSO is enabled in SAP?


  1. Select an entry in the SAP Logon window and choose → Properties Advanced.
  2. Select Enable Secure Network Communications.
  3. In SNC name, enter: p:< DN name of the AS ABAP > Note.
  4. Choose OK to confirm your entries.

What is Kerberos authentication in SAP?

Kerberos Single Sign-On (SSO) is a secure method of logging on to the SAP system that simplifies the logon procedure. It is suitable if your clients use Windows 2000 or higher. The Application Server ABAP can run on the operating systems specified in the relevant Product Availability Matrix.

What is SAP secure login client?

The Secure Login Client is a client application that provides security tokens (Kerberos and X. 509 technology) for a variety of applications.

How do I enable Chrome SPNEGO?

SPNEGO support for Chrome is disabled by default. To enable it, you need to include theIBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services server name in an allowlist: For Windows, define the AuthNegotiateDelegateWhitelist group policy. For more information, see the Chrome Policy List, Issue 472145, and Issue 469171.

How do I enable Spnego on edge?

If you are using Edge, you must set the trust settings in Microsoft™ Internet Explorer. Click the Trusted sites icon and then click Sites. Click Add. Enter the SPNEGO URL into the Add this website to the zone field and click Add.

How do I enable Chrome Spnego?

What is SSO authentication in SAP?

The SAP GUI’s Single Sign-On (SSO) functions enable you to configure transparent user authentication for access to AS ABAP systems. With SSO, SAP GUI users can only select the AS ABAP system to log on to from the SAP Logon Pad, without needing to interactively provide a user name and a password.

How do I know if SSO is working?

Go to the Users page and then click the SSO Configuration tab.

  1. On the SSO Configuration page in the Test your SSO section, click Test. The Initiate Federation SSO page appears.
  2. Click Start SSO.
  3. Log in as an administrator.
  4. The next step depends on whether the test is successful:

Is SPNEGO supported for SAP NetWeaver application server Java?

yes, SPNego is also supported for SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. See the configuration video Part 3 above. Concerning SAP Note 1732610, this only applies to Application Server ABAP as SPNego with AS ABAP requires a license for the SAP Single Sign-On product.

What is SPNEGO and how does it work?

SPNEGO, documented in RFC 2478, performs this function. GSSAPI is widely used by protocol implementers as a means to implement Kerberos 5 support in their applications It provides a generic interface and message format that can encapsulate authentication exchanges from any authentication method that has a GSSAPI-compliant library

Is there any documentation available for SPNEGO/sncwizard?

Unfortunately, there currently doesn’t exist any documentation in case you don’t have transactions SPNEGO / SNCWIZARD available. Please open a ticket and our primary support will be able to help you with this. Thanks, Martina Like 0 Share Right click and copy the link to share this comment Antonio Nicosia September 3, 2021 at 3:44 pm

How to perform SPN verification in transaction SPNEGO?

Click on the KeyTab with domain abc.com in order to perform SPN verification in transaction SPNEGO. Best regards, Martina Like 0 Share Right click and copy the link to share this comment Sujith Krishna June 25, 2018 at 12:02 pm Hello Martina, Thank you so much for the reply. I updated SLC to latest patch level and this behaviour is gone now.