What is SEC certificate?

SEC Registration in the Philippines is compulsory, to legitimize the juridical unit and permit it to legally participate in business, issue receipts, trade with financial assets, and be entitled to rights under the nation’s corporate and investment laws.

How do I change the board of directors in the SEC?

Basic Requirements

  1. Petition for Amendment/Conversion of license.
  2. Authenticated copy of the Board Resolution approving the amendments/conversion.
  3. Monitoring/Clearance from appropriate Department of the Commission*
  4. Endorsement/Clearance from appropriate government agencies.

How do I amend articles of incorporation?

How to Amend Articles of Incorporation

  1. Review the bylaws of the corporation.
  2. A board of directors meeting must be scheduled.
  3. Write the proposed changes.
  4. Confirm that the board meeting has enough members attending to have a quorum so the amendment can be voted on.
  5. Propose the amendment during the board meeting.

What is a directors emolument certificate?

(b)emoluments paid or receivable or share options granted in respect of a person’s accepting office as a director shall be treated as emoluments paid or receivable or share options granted in respect of his services as a director.

What is Encumbency certificate?

What Is an Incumbency Certificate? An incumbency certificate (or certificate of incumbency) is an official document issued by a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) that lists the names of its current directors, officers, and, occasionally, key shareholders.

Does SEC certificate expire?

The five-year period shall commence from the date of the aforesaid approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

How many years is the validity of SEC registration?

When should I submit GIS?

GIS documents must be filed within 30 calendar days from the date of a stock corporation’s actual annual stockholders’ meeting, from the date of the actual annual members meeting of nonstock corporations, and from the anniversary date of foreign corporations’ SEC license issuance.

What are the requirements for SEC registration?

Register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Name Reservation and Payment Form. Notarized Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. Treasurer’s Affidavit. Bank Certificate of Deposit or Proof of Inward Remittance.