What is sencor herbicide used for?

Product Overview. The Sencor 75% Turf Herbicide is a selective post-emergent wettable granule that is specially formulated for a long lasting and effective management of vigorous weeds in dormant and actively growing bermudagrass turf.

What is metribuzin herbicide?

Metribuzin is a herbicide used to selectively control certain broadleaf weeds and grassy weed species on a wide range of sites including vegetable and field crops, turf grasses (recreational areas), and non-crop areas.

What is the active ingredient in sencor herbicide?

GROUND WATER ADVISORY: Metribuzin is a chemical which can travel (seep or leach) through soil and can contaminate ground water which may be used as drinking water. Metribuzin has been found in ground water as a result of agricultural use.

Who makes sencor herbicide?

Bayer Environmental Science
Sencor 75 Herbicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US.

What is boundary herbicide?

HERBICIDE. Boundary® 6.5EC Herbicide. For control of certain grasses and broadleaf weeds in potatoes and soybeans.

What weeds does metribuzin control?

The spectrum of residual control for metribuzin includes most small-seeded annual broadleaf weeds. It is most effective on lambsquarters, pigweeds, Pennsylvania smartweed, ladysthumb, marestail, and waterhemp, but also has some activity on common ragweed, velvetleaf, and annual grasses.

Does metribuzin have residual?

The nonALS active ingredients that have residual activity are flumioxazin, sulfentrazone, metribuzin, and saflufenacil (primarily at rates higher than the base rates that are used for burndown).

What is authority herbicide?

Product Overview. Authority 480 herbicide is a powerful, flexible pre-emergent Group 14 herbicide that provides extended activity on challenging weeds like kochia, redroot pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, wild buckwheat and cleavers. Authority 480 herbicide can be tank-mixed with glyphosate.

Where is sencor made?

It is managed from Europe, products are manufacturer in Asia and in European countries, however, its heart naturally stayed in place, in Japan.