What is speck in Italian?

Speck is a type of cured, lightly smoked ham. It’s typically made in South Tyrol, a province in northeast Italy known for its snow-capped Dolomite mountains and strong German-Austrian influence.

What is recla speck?

THE AUTHENTIC SPECK It’s Recla speck! Careful selection of meat from our butcher department, a secret blend of natural spices, delicate smoking and slow curing in the pure, fresh air of the Alto Adige mountains.

Can you eat speck uncooked?

Speck is deeply red and more firm in texture than prosciutto. Since it’s a cured meat, it can be sliced thin and eaten raw in an antipasti platter, wrapped around sweet fruits, or layered on sandwiches.

Is speck the same as guanciale?

The main difference is the denser texture and slightly smoky flavor. Unlike guanciale, which is often seasoned with thyme, pepper, and garlic, speck is usually prepared using bay leaf and juniper. As a result, speck tastes more intense than prosciutto, about on the same level as guanciale.

Is pancetta a speck?

Pancetta, from Italy. Schinkenspeck, German “ham bacon”, typically made from a flat cut of ham with fat along one side resembling bacon, and traditionally soaked for several days in brine with juniper berries and peppercorn, Speck Sauris PGI, from Sauris, Friuli, Italy. Speck Alto Adige PGI, from South Tyrol.

Do you eat the skin on speck?

Remove the crust from each slice. If you prefer a more delicate flavor, remove the rind as it adds a spicy, intense note. The shape of the slices (strips or cubes) depends on the recipe. To enjoy it at its best, slice the speck thin and always against the fiber, which adds good “bite.”

How long does speck last in the fridge?

If vacuum packed, the speck can be stored in a cool dark place or in a refrigerator for many weeks without an adverse effect on quality. It is important to remove the vacuum packaging at least one hour before removing: The speck should air out at room temperature so that its full aroma can unfold.

Why is guanciale banned in the US?

Banned in 1967, after reported outbreaks of African swine flu fever in Italy, it was recently reapproved by the USDA for import. Though there are scores of different prosciutti made in Italy currently, the prosciutto made in this region just outside Parma is the only type available in the United States.

Are pancetta and speck the same?

Italian Definition of Speck Speck is meat similar to bacon, prosciutto, or pancetta, but it has a distinct flavor and different preparation from these other traditional meats. Speck, in the Italian and Tyrolean sense, is often served as an appetizer on a charcuterie board, and it also is used in cooked dishes.

Is speck same as guanciale?