What is the arrow thing next to my battery?

In short, when you enable Location Services, a black or white-hollow arrow icon may appear indicating that your device is using Location Services (e.g., maps, Camera, weather apps, etc).

What is symbol on iPhone next to battery?

Answer: A: Answer: A: It means you have enabled the Portrait Orientation Lock. Double-select the Home button to bring up the fast app switching/recently used apps bar or dock.

What is the GREY arrow on my iPhone?

If you come across a solid gray arrow icon when you’re using any application on your iPhone, it means that your location is currently being accessed by either a website or an application on your iPhone.

What does a GREY arrow mean on iPhone?

What is the little arrow on my iPhone?

When the arrow icon appears in the upper right corner of your iPhone, it means that an app is using location services. There are a few variations of the arrow icon, and different types or colors mean that your location has been accessed in different ways.

What does phone arrow symbol mean?

call forwarding
The icon means that the call forwarding is active on your phone. If you haven’t activated call forwarding and the icon still appears on top of your screen then you can resolve it in two ways; 1. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Call Forwarding and check that it is off, or. 2.

How do I get rid of the gray arrow?

This is the answer.. not a question. People are asking how to remove and control the floating grey arrow on the iPhone screen. Go in the settings to “Speak Screen” and turn it off. Go to Accessibility/Spoken Content/Speak Screen.

Why is there an arrow at the top of my iPhone?

What does the small arrow mean?

When you see the small arrow icon at the top-right of your iPhone screen, it means that one of the apps on your device is using your location. There are a lot of apps on your device that have cause to use your location.