What is the best building society in the UK?

Top 5 Building Societies in the UK (October 2020 ranking)

  • Coventry Building Society.
  • Nationwide Building Society.
  • UK.

What building societies are there UK?

List of UK building societies and associates

  • Bath Building Society.
  • Beverley Building Society.
  • Buckinghamshire Building Society.
  • Cambridge Building Society.
  • Capital Credit Union.
  • Chelsea Building Society, a trading name of Yorkshire Building Society.
  • Chorley & District Building Society, The.
  • Coventry Building Society.

What is the difference between a bank and a building society?

Banks are businesses that are typically listed on the stock market. Therefore, they are owned and run for the benefit of their shareholders. On the other hand, building societies do not have external shareholders involved in their business.

What are the safest banks or building societies in the UK?

1. Credit ratings

Bank S&P’s long-term rating
Santander AA (Very strong)
HSBC AA- (Very strong)
Barclays A+ (Strong)
Lloyds A+ (Strong)

What are the disadvantages of building societies?


  • Building societies are not as secure as they have historically been. The choice of mutual is falling and failures have become more commonplace.
  • Many building societies have geographical restrictions.
  • Building societies often have a restricted choice of products.

Is a building society safer than a bank?

And, traditionally most of their funding for borrowing has come from savings, providing a low-risk place to invest your cash. Building societies have much more stringent rules to invest by than banks, as the board of directors is beholden to its members and by the laws governing the way a mutual is run.

What are the disadvantages of a building society?

Is my money safe in a building society?

How safe are my savings if my bank or building society goes bust? If your bank, building society or credit union went bust, you’re entitled to compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is also the case for joint accounts and if you have money with two banks in the same banking group.