What is the best definition of amputation?

: to remove by or as if by cutting especially : to cut (a part, such as a limb) from the body.

What is the meaning of amputate in Oxford dictionary?

/ˌæmpjuˈteɪʃn/ [uncountable, countable] ​the act of cutting off somebody’s arm, leg, finger or toe in a medical operation.

What is the best synonym for amputate?


  • tear,
  • wrench,
  • wrest,
  • yank.
  • What is the meaning of the word amputate in the essay?

    to cut off (all or part of a limb or digit of the body), as by surgery. to prune, lop off, or remove: Because of space limitations the editor amputated the last two paragraphs of the news report.

    What is the word for cutting leg?

    Word forms: amputates, amputating, amputated. transitive verb. To amputate someone’s arm or leg means to cut all or part of it off in an operation because it is diseased or badly damaged. To save his life, doctors amputated his legs.

    What is a word for removing a limb?

    Amputation is the removal of a limb by trauma, medical illness, or surgery. As a surgical measure, it is used to control pain or a disease process in the affected limb, such as malignancy or gangrene.

    What are antonyms for amputated?

    What is the opposite of amputate?

    leave disregard
    ignore omit
    pass exclude

    What are 3 types of amputation?

    Arm amputation. Hand amputation. Finger amputation. Foot amputation, removing part of the foot.

    How to perform an amputation?

    – the type of amputation you had – the amount of muscle strength in the remaining section of the limb – your general health – tasks the prosthetic limb will be expected to perform – whether you want the limb to look as real as possible or you’re more concerned with function

    What does amputation mean?

    Amputation. Amputation is the loss or removal of a body part such as a finger, toe, hand, foot, arm or leg. It can be a life changing experience affecting your ability to move, work, interact with others and maintain your independence. Continuing pain, phantom limb phenomena and emotional trauma can complicate recovery.

    How long is the recovery for a foot amputation?

    Your Recovery. You had amputation surgery to remove one or more of your toes. For most people, pain improves within a week after surgery. You may have stitches or sutures. The doctor will probably take these out about 10 days after the surgery. You may need to wear a cast or a special type of shoe for about 2 to 4 weeks.

    Do amputees have less life expectancy?

    So yes, amputees do have increased mortality rates compared to non-amputees. There are multiple studies that attest to this fact, such as: Short and Long Term Mortality Rates after a Lower Limb Amputation