What is the best metering mode for Nikon?

With a dark subject and bright background, if you use highlight-weighted metering, the exposure will be adjusted for the background, throwing the main subject into shadow. Highlight-weighted metering can be used for silhouettes, but matrix metering is a better choice if you want exposure optimized for the main subject.

How does Nikon matrix metering work?

Matrix metering evaluates multiple segments of a scene to determine the best exposure by essentially splitting the scene into sections, evaluating either 420-segments or 1,005 segments, depending on the Nikon D-SLR in use.

When should I use spot metering Nikon?

When to use spot metering. Spot metering is useful in tricky lighting situations such as high contrast scenes or when the subject is backlit. It’s also useful when a subject is against a very bright or very dark background.

What’s the best metering mode for portraits?

For most portrait situations, the Matrix metering mode is ideal. (For more on how metering works, see the “Metering Basics” sidebar.) This mode measures light values from all portions of the viewfinder and then establishes a proper exposure for the scene.

How do you read metering mode?

Metering describes the process of how your camera decides to assign the right shutter speed and aperture based on the amount of light the camera can pick up. To put it simply, metering is a way for modern cameras to reflect light and determine the right exposure without using an accessory meter.

Is Matrix metering good?

Matrix Metering works excellently and, because it works so well, metering is often taken for granted and there are a lot of photographers out there that don’t completely understand how it works.

Should I use spot metering all the time?

It’s up to you as the photographer to decide if you want the bright areas or the dark areas to be exposed correctly. If you want an average exposure for the entire scene, use the default metering mode, which is evaluative / matrix / zone.

Should you use spot metering for portraits?

Spot metering is best for correcting exposure in high-contrast situations. Using this mode ensures your camera correctly exposes the subject and not the background. Portrait photography is an excellent area for this to work.