What is the best Shadow Fight 2 weapon?

Top 10 Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

  • #8 — Big Swords.
  • #7 — Devastator.
  • #6 — Glaive.
  • #5 — Kusarigama.
  • #4 — Butterfly Swords.
  • #3 — Pharaoh’s Khopeshes.
  • #2 — Staff of Night. If you like staves, then check.
  • #1 — Blood Reaper. The ULTIMATE weapon.

Does Shadow Fight 2 have guns?

Weapon is one of the five types of equipment that are available in Shadow Fight 2, along with armor, helm, ranged weapon and magic. Weapons increase the damage done by the player through attacking with “punch” button, also changing the animations.

Will there be a Shadow Fight 4?

Shadow Fight 4 for PC It will be made available for Windows and iOS just like the first three parts of the series. The game is accessible through BlueStacks, so make sure you download it first.

What is the maximum level in Shadow Fight 2?

Level 52
Level 52 is the max level in Shadow Fight 2.

Can you get Titans sword?

The sword itself is so heavy that even Titan has difficulty in grabbing it and can only make slow swings with it. It cannot be obtained by the player.

Which weapon can defeat Titan?

Weapon: Flame Clubs will suffice. Otherwise, Claws or Sickles can be very effective due to their spammable Double Slash. Lynx’s Claws particularly shines in this fight. Pneumo Fists are nice choice as well.

What is the fastest weapon in Shadow Fight 2?

top 5 most strongest weapon in shadow fight 2

  • The fist one is the composite sword its the most strongest weapon in shadow fight 2 it deal more that 10-15% of damage to titan.
  • Hermit’s Swords this weapon can deal 30-50%of damage even instant kill whene frenzy on.

How do you unlock Monk set?

You can get an item from Monk set as a reward for the end of the season if you’ve gotten first place in your dan during the season; You can win it in the Mystery box; You can buy the Monk Chest or Sentinel Chest for shards or gems in the Raid section of the shop.

Who is sensei in Shadow Fight 2?

Sensei is one of the main characters in Shadow Fight 2. He is also a playable character in Old Wounds, an exclusive game mode in the Special Edition, which tells the story of Sensei when he was young. Sensei is first met at the beginning of the game, and is the first person to have a written speaking role.

Where is Titan in Shadow Fight 2?

the Shadow World
Titan is the main antagonist of Shadow Fight 2. He is the conqueror of worlds and the final boss of the game. He makes his initial appearance in the game intro and he appears in the map after the Gates of Shadows are closed. Titan resides in the Shadow World.

How do you get a monk set?

How do you beat Titan in Shadow Fight 2?

Any weapon and armor set upgraded to level 52, with a little patience, is enough to defeat Titan. I used Monk’s helm and armor with damage absorption (pre-enchanted) and Monk’s Katars with Frenzy. No ranged weapon and no magic and it was just as effective.