What is the best small town in Illinois?

The 10 Most Charming Small Towns in Illinois

  • Princeton, IL.
  • Rockton, IL.
  • Nauvoo, IL.
  • Ottawa, IL.
  • Quincy, IL.
  • Fulton, IL.
  • Lebanon, IL.
  • Arthur and Arcola, IL.

Are there small towns in Illinois?

With a population under 150, it is hard to find a smaller town in Illinois than Bishop Hill. Even though it is so tiny, it is still worth a visit.

What is a small town in Illinois?

Overview of the smallest towns in Illinois

Quincy Stop by the Villa Kathrine Visit the Quincy Museum More info
Sycamore Read a book at the Sycamore Public Library More info
Greenville Visit the Richard Bock Museum More info
Princeton Walk down Princeton’s picturesque main street Visit the Lovejoy Homestead More info

What are the 5 smallest cities in Illinois?

Illinois’ Smallest Towns

  • Chicago.
  • Aurora.
  • Rockford.
  • Joliet.
  • Naperville.

What is the most visited city in Illinois?

There is no question that Chicago is the most popular destination in Illinois – and even the entire Midwestern United States.

What is the prettiest city of Illinois?

As beautiful as the large city of Chicago is the smaller towns that share the best of what rural Illinois has to offer. Here are the 10 most beautiful and charming small towns to visit across the state….Best Small Towns in Illinois

  • Galena.
  • Mount Carroll.
  • Elmhurst.
  • Fulton.
  • Nauvoo.
  • Greenville.
  • Sycamore.
  • Woodstock.

What is the most boring city in Illinois?

New Lenox was ranked as the most boring place in Illinois, according to the report.

What are the top 10 smallest towns in Illinois?

According to city-data.com, here are the top 15 tiniest towns in Illinois:

  • Hooppole – Population 201.
  • Shumway – Population 201.
  • Spillertown – Population 202.
  • Buncombe – Population 205.
  • Donnellson – Population 205.
  • Keensburg – Population 205.
  • Norris – Population 206.
  • Batchtown – Population 208.

What is the smallest village in Illinois?

Valley City is a village in Pike County, Illinois, United States. The population was 14 at the 2020 census, making Valley City the smallest incorporated place in Illinois in terms of population.

What’s the number one attraction in Illinois?

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Illinois

  • Willis Tower Skydeck. Willis Tower.
  • Millennium Park & Cloud Gate. Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park.
  • Magnificent Mile in Chicago.
  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
  • Navy Pier.
  • Lincoln Park.
  • Anderson Japanese Gardens.
  • Starved Rock State Park.

Is Illinois a boring state?

Bars open all night. Something to do every second of the day. You’ll find none of those things in the states we are talking about today — the most boring states in America….Detailed Ranking Of The Most Boring States.

State Rank
Pennsylvania 41
Delaware 42
California 43
Illinois 44