What is the best subfloor for a basement?

Rigid foam is an excellent basement subfloor option because it provides a thermal break between concrete and flooring.

  • Finish flooring.
  • Plywood screwed down through the layer below.
  • Rigid foam insulation—1 1/2-inch thick.
  • Concrete basement floor.

Should I use DRIcore basement?

Benefits of DRICore Subfloor Here are some of the benefits that DRIcore subfloor has to offer: DRIcore subfloor does not raise the floor as high as plywood. This is a good choice when your basement has a low ceiling. DRIcore can make premade subfloor application more efficient.

Are barricade and DRIcore the same?

DRICORE Subfloor covers cold, damp concrete to protect and insulate your floor (R-Value of 1.4). BARRICADE Subfloor Air Plus softens finished floors to cushion against the hard concrete.

Is DRIcore subfloor waterproof?

But if you don’t keep it quiet and protect it from moisture you’re going to have a dissatisfied customer,” said Kim Liemkeo, marketing manager, Pak-Lite. DRICore levels uneven subfloors while providing a breathable, waterproof barrier between it and concrete slabs.

Do you screw down DRIcore?

Remember that DRIcore must be installed as a floating floor. Normally it is not recommended to nail, glue or screw DRIcore panels to the concrete surface. In some instances, we suggest minimal fastening of the panels to the concrete surface.

Does DRIcore need vapor barrier?

On basement floors without a moisture barrier, similar water vapour problems can occur. To prevent this, DRIcore’s Subfloor product is the correct material to use with DRIcore SMARTWALL. This subfloor is comprised of 2-foot by 2-foot tongue-and-grooved engineered tiles.

Do you need underlayment with DRIcore?

Before installing glue-down or nail-down floors a 3/8″ plywood underlayment should be fastened to DRICORE® using 3/4” 18 gauge narrow crown staples. When installing nail-down floors test a piece of the finished floor to make sure the fastener does not puncture the plastic membrane.

Should I screw down Dricore subfloor?

What is the R value of Dricore?

Designed with a layer of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), DRICORE R+ delivers an R-value of 3.0.

Can you put a toilet on DRIcore?

Of course not! Don’t sweat it and don’t seal it up. If, at some point, the toilet overflows and some dirty water runs under the flooring and DriCore, it will eventually evaporate – just as water is supposed to under DriCore.

Do you frame on top of DRIcore?

DRIcore® panels can be installed where there is an existing wall frame or a concrete foundation wall. Where only a concrete foundation exists, it is best to install wall framing directly on top of DRIcore® panels to elevate the floor and wall framing away from direct contact of potentially damp concrete.

What is the best option for subflooring?

Plywood is considered the most popular material used for subflooring, it has been used since the 1950s and remains one of the top choices for contractors. Standard plywood works perfectly fine as a subflooring material, but the best option is ¾” tongue-and-groove plywood subflooring.