What is the best suit in AdVenture Capitalist?

It seems the Blue Suit is overall the best, for it costs much lesser than white and green suits AND providing more effectiveness in profit increase. So unless you are able to wear several suits at once, there is no need to purchase any other suits than blue or golden one.

What is the fastest way to get Angels in AdVenture Capitalist?

AdVenture Capitalist Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Get More Angel…

  1. Attract Angel Investors Once You’ve Got Two Oil Drilling Companies.
  2. Don’t Restart The Game Right Away.
  3. Only Purchase Angel Upgrades Once You Don’t See The Double Check Screen.
  4. Playing The Waiting Game Works Really Well In Here.

What is the EZ upgrader?

The “EZ Upgrader” is a Manager that costs 1 Angel Investors. Once bought, it adds a widget next to the Buy Multiplier in the upper right of the screen, showing the least expensive Cash Upgrade you haven’t yet bought.

What are megabucks for adcap?

Mega Bucks are a form of currency in AdVenture Capitalist. They can be purchased on each planet (including events, when finished) for a large amount of that planet’s currency.

What is the max upgrade in Adventure Capitalist?

698 upgrades
There are 464 Cash Upgrades, 40 Mega Bucks Upgrades, and 194 Angel Upgrades for a total of 698 upgrades.

Does the Adventure Capitalist hack still work?

Re: AdVenture Capitalist [STEAM] Free Gold, MegaBucks, Money and More! even though this is an old thread, it still works well, except that of which the megabucks hack does not currently work, and i would love a patch so then i can have more platinum upgrades.

What are the Best Tycoon-grade suits to get?

The Jingle Bell Frock is a unique tycoon-grade suit that can be obtained in the ” A_Capitalist_Carol ” event. The Medieval Suit (aka Make-It-Reign) is a unique tycoon-grade suit that can be obtained in the ” Cashalot ” event. Adds a 500% surge bonus to your Profit Booster in any event.

How do I get the Jammies suit?

The Jammies Suit is a unique suit that can be obtained by reaching Tier 1 in the Saturday Morning Fever! event. Pre 6.2 Effect: Applies a 7x profit multiplier when worn on any planet. Effect stacks additively with planet multipliers. Adds a 1.3x boost to the base profit of all investments on Earth. (All 3 Equipped: 4.55x)

How do I get the Casha-Mia suit?

The Casha-Mia Suit is a unique magnate-grade suit that can be obtained in the ” A Nightmare on Easy Street ” event. Adds a 80% boost to the base speed of all businesses on any planet or event. (All 3 Equipped: 200%) Each additional level adds a +40% boost to the previous amount.