What is the black robe about?

Set in 1634, this film follows the travels of Father LaForgue (Lothaire Bluteau), a Jesuit priest called upon to search for a remote Canadian mission surrounded by Huron settlements. LaForgue, guided by a group of distrustful yet kind Algonquin natives, embarks on a trek across unfamiliar and treacherous terrain. The young priest’s small party fends off the vicious attacks of the Iroquois tribe before finally reaching their destination. There, LaForgue finds the mission in a tragic state.Black Robe / Film synopsis

What happens at the end of black robe?

The film ends with a golden sunrise. An intertitle states that fifteen years later, the Hurons, having accepted Christianity, were routed and killed by their enemies the Iroquois; the Jesuit mission to the Hurons was abandoned and the Jesuits returned to Quebec.

How historically accurate is black robe?

Yet “Black Robe” has its peripheral pleasures, which, because they are so seldom seen in movies, should not be underrated. It is historically authentic not only in its locations but also in the picture it gives of the conditions in which these people lived. Unlike the scenery, these conditions are not pretty.

Is the black robe on Netflix?

Rent Black Robe (1991) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Why is Black Robe rated R?

“Black Robe” is rated R for explicit sex and violence.

What was the Black Robe regiment?

Answer. The term “Black Robe Regiment” referred not to a literal regiment of soldiers that wore black robes into battle but rather to the influential clergymen who promoted American independence and supported the military struggle against Britain.

Is Father LaForgue a real person?

Noel Chabanel, the actual Jesuit on whom Laforgue is based.

Why did father Laforge baptize Huron?

Why do the Huron’s ask to be baptized by Father LaForgue? How does LaForgue convince them to accept him? They have fevers and believe baptism will cure the fevers. He explains that it will not cure them of their sickness.

Is Father Laforgue a real person?

What is the movie Black Robe based on?

`Black Robe” tells the story of the first contacts between the Huron Indians of Quebec and the Jesuit missionaries from France who came to convert them to Catholicism, and ended up delivering them into the hands of their enemies.

Where can I see black robe?

Amazon Prime
How to Watch Black Robe. Right now you can watch Black Robe on Amazon Prime. You are able to stream Black Robe by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Who were the black robes?

the ‘Long Robes. ‘ “1 At the Red River settlement, then, where the term originated, “Black Robe” was the Indian name for a clergyman of the Church of England. Indian lads from the tribes in the Company’s trading area to the Red River for schooling and preparation as missionaries’ assistants.