What is the CPT code 20930?

CPT® Code 20930 in section: Allograft for spine surgery only.

Does Medicare pay for CPT 20930?

Medicare considers the harvest of morselized autograft from bone in the surgical field (20396), as well as morselized allograft (20930) included in the fusion. Medicare will not reimburse for these codes.

What is the difference between CPT code 20930 and 20931?

For a morselized allograft, select 20930. A structural bone graft is a single piece of bone, which provides direct support for skeletal structures. For a structural autograft, select 20938. For a structural allograft, report 20931.

What is an autograft for spine surgery?

An autograft is transplanted bone taken (called harvesting) from the patient’s body. Autograft is considered the gold standard of bone grafts because it contains the patient’s bone cells, proteins, and calcified matrix, all of which help to stimulate healing of the fusion.

What is allograft for spine surgery only Morselized?

Allograft is the obtaining of a bone graft from a cadaver donor that is either frozen or freeze-dried until used. The physician prepares this graft using cancellous chips (morselized), and then inserts it in the spine, as a separately reportable spinal procedure.

Can 22630 and 63047 be billed together?

For Medicare/Medicaid (CMS) you may code for 22630/22633 with 63047 to document the work performed. CMS will not pay for the decompression (63047) for the reasons explained and this denial should not be repealed. Also, CMS guidelines indicate you should not append a modifier to this coding combination.

Can 22612 and 63047 be billed together?

First of all, CPT 63047 does not bundle with 22612, so that’s an easy yes, you can bill both. The issue is that CPT 63047 bundles with both 22630, 22633. However, it’s important to note that the code descriptions for both 22630 and 22633 state “other than for decompression”.