What is the CPT code for sigmoid colon resection?

The correct code will be 44204.

What is the CPT code for laparoscopic low anterior resection?

Whether laparoscopic or open. Partial colectomy – Hartmann’s procedure, low anterior resection (LAR) Code 44140 vs code 44160.

What is the CPT code for ileostomy?

Rather, the ileostomy was moved to a new site, which is most appropriately coded as CPT code 44310 (Ileostomy or jejunostomy, non-tube).

What is the CPT code for laparoscopic right Hemicolectomy?

The following clinical example and procedural description was used in the development of the code descriptor and the Medicare physician fee schedule work relative value units for code 44205, Laparoscopy, surgical; colectomy, partial, with removal of terminal ileum and ileocolostomy.

What is CPT code for laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy with colostomy?

If this same procedure was performed laparoscopically, the correct code to report would be 44208, Laparoscopy, surgical; colectomy, partial, with anastomosis, with coloproctostomy (low pelvic anastomosis) with colostomy.

What is a sigmoid colectomy?

A sigmoid colectomy, or sigmoidectomy, removes the last section of your colon, known as the sigmoid colon. This is the part that connects to your rectum.

How do you code low anterior resection?

So the correct coding is 44146 or 44208 when a low anterior resection/low pelvic anastomosis partial colectomy and a diverting ileostomy is performed instead of a colostomy.

What is the CPT code for stoma?


CPT code Description of CPT code Predicted stoma type
45123 Proctectomy, partial, without anastomosis, perineal approach Colostomy

What is laparoscopic assisted right hemicolectomy?

Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy is an advanced cancer surgery in today’s era. With increasing experience, we have described novel technique for this procedure. To prevent falling down of the colon in the operative field and to have early control on vessels, we go from medial to lateral approach.

What is the CPT code for laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with ileocolic anastomosis?

Patients who underwent a right-sided colectomy were defined as those patients who had a partial colectomy with ileocolic anastomosis (CPT code 44160 or 44205) and had an International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision diagnosis code for malignancy of the cecum (153.4), ascending colon (153.6), or hepatic …