What is the difference between a shoulder replacement and a reverse shoulder replacement?

In a standard shoulder replacement, the ball portion of the shoulder (the humeral head) is replaced by a metal ball and the socket is replaced by a plastic piece (Figure 2). In the “reverse prosthesis” the shoulder joint is still replaced with parts or components made out of metal and plastic (Figure 3).

What is a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty?

A reverse total shoulder replacement is a procedure that involves reshaping parts of the anatomy of the shoulder. It uses an implant and prosthetics that reverse the position of the ball and socket of the shoulder joint.

What is the best type of shoulder replacement?

Traditional shoulder arthroplasty, commonly known as total shoulder replacement surgery, is considered to be the most reliable surgical option for those looking to regain movement and function from a severely injured or damaged shoulder condition.

What is the advantage of a reverse shoulder replacement?

Joint Stabilization – Rotator cuff tears and arthritis weaken the shoulder joint causing pain, loss of motion, and instability. With reverse shoulder replacement, the joint is strengthened and stabilized.

When is a shoulder hemiarthroplasty done?

Stemmed hemiarthroplasty is recommended when the humeral head is severely fractured or arthritic, but the socket is normal, or there is a large rotator cuff tear and a total shoulder replacement would likely fail over time.

How long does shoulder hemiarthroplasty last?

Conclusions: Only 25% of patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis treated with shoulder hemiarthroplasty are satisfied with their outcome at an average of seventeen years after the operation.

What are the limitations after reverse shoulder replacement?

The three most common problems with reverse shoulder replacements are neurologic injury, bone fracture around the implant, and hematoma (pocket of blood or other fluid trapped inside the joint).

What are the disadvantages of a reverse shoulder replacement?