What is the difference between Fuelperks and myPerks?

Guests in the myPerks program will earn perks on purchases during transactions when they are redeemed, maximizing earning potential. In fuelperks+, perks are not earned during redemption transactions. More time to redeem.

What is myPerks pro?

myPerksPro is a reward level with even more benefits for our most loyal customers. The more you shop with us, the quicker you’ll be a Pro! How do I join myPerksPro? As a myPerks Member, you can earn into myPerksPro by earning 2,500 perks or making 25 qualifying trips to GetGo in the 6-month earning period.

How long does Giant Eagle fuelperks last?

Perks expire on rolling Tuesday cycles, two months after the month in which they are earned. Customers are randomly assigned to the first, second, third or fourth Tuesday of the month and perks will always expire on that Tuesday, no less than two months after the month in which the perks were earned.

Can I check my Giant Eagle fuelperks?

How do I review my perks? Download the Giant Eagle app for iPhone® and Android™ and click on Profile at the bottom of the screen to see your total perks and rewards. You can also find perk information at the bottom of your receipt, or by logging into your Giant Eagle account.

Is fuelperks going away?

The issuer of fuelperks! is ending the program. As a result, April 30, 2017 is the last day to redeem fuelperks! Continue saving at Shell and join the Fuel Rewards® program today and save at least 5cent/gal on Every Fill at participating Shell stations.

What is myPerks at Giant Eagle?

Join myPerks and get exclusive pricing, offers and rewards on gas and groceries. Log in online or scan your Advantage Card in-store to enjoy new lower prices. *Offer valid through 6/30/22, view full promo details. More perks means more dollars off groceries & gas.

Can I use my perks on gas?

Switch to myPerks and save 10¢ per gallon of gas for 90 days. Plus, enjoy lower prices on hundreds of items every day with myPerks Prices.

Are fuelperks going away?

Giant Eagle announced it is extending the expiration of all Perks for fuel and groceries through the end of 2022 to provide customers with more time to accrue Perks and maximize savings. Giant Eagle said it is encouraging customers to take advantage of its savings opportunities amid the record high prices at the pump.

How many gallons can you get with fuelperks?

30 gallons
Customers who choose to redeem their perks on fuel will continue to be able to receive up to a free tank of gas, up to 30 gallons. Those who prefer to redeem their perks on groceries can receive up to 20% off of their total purchase, with no limits on the purchase amount.

How long do fuelperks last?

While fuelperks has a 60-day expiration date, foodperks expire 90 days after being acquired. Thus, if you acquire 4% through the month of January, you will have until the final day of April to redeem that 4%.

Can you still use Winn-Dixie fuel perks?

Winn-Dixie is ending its Fuel Perks loyalty program, but signing onto another program that includes more than gasoline. With Fuel Perks, grocery customers received discounts on gas purchases at Shell stations, but that will end early next month.

Does Winn-Dixie have fuelperks?

Winn Dixie offers a program called FuelPerks which allows you to earn money towards your gas at Shell Gas Stations. Save $. 05 per gallon with every $50 purchase.