What is the distance of the Macys Day parade?

2.5 miles
The 2021 spectacle returned to the more familiar parade of yore on Thursday. Travelers and residents have 2.5 miles of public viewing as balloons, floats and bands make their way from the Upper West Side to Macy’s flagship store at Herald Square.

How long of a walk is the Macy’s Day parade?

The parade spans 2.5 miles along the streets of Manhattan, kicking off on West 77th Street & Central Park West.

How many miles was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

While the parade route may not have extended over 26 miles, its 6-mile length certainly made for a long hike for those marching from Harlem to Herald Square.

How many blocks long is the Macy’s Day parade?

Maneuvering Down Mane Street. Extending six miles and 111 blocks, the original parade route was so long that the floats had to be hitched to horses and led down the streets on hoof. The route has since been condensed to a manageable two-and-a-half miles, and the floats are towed by motorists.

Does the Macy’s parade route change?

The new route eliminated Broadway completely, where the Parade had traveled down for decades. The route change was made in order to provide more space for the Parade, more viewing space for spectators, and to correspond with New York City’s plan to turn Broadway into a pedestrian-only zone at Times Square.

How much does it cost to put a float in the Macy’s day parade?

Construction costs for each float average $30,000 to $100,000. These Turkey Day spectacles are certainly not your average parade float — those on display at the Macy’s parade can take four to nine months to get from concept to completion.

Does Macy’s make money on the Thanksgiving Day parade?

The parade was then conducted on a yearly basis up to date. The parade was only canceled during the World War 2 period from 1942-1944. The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade makes money at an estimated range of $20 million to $24.1 million.

What happens to the balloons after the parade?

But after their short time out in the wild, the balloons are deflated and taken back to the parade warehouse to spend the remainder of the year in a surprisingly small hamper. Although some of the balloons are as tall as a five-story building, Piper’s team dismantles them with ease. “That’s the easy part!