What is the divergence convergence model?

The divergent phase is non-linear and needs ”chaos time”. It is process-oriented and needs prolonged decision time. Divergence and Convergence. The convergent phase is goal-oriented and focused, linear, structured and usually subject to time constraints. It is focused on getting results and may require quick decisions.

What is divergence and convergence in design thinking?

Definition: The diverge-and-converge collaboration method has two stages: (1) a diverge stage, during which team members work independently to produce individual insights and (2) a converge stage, where they discuss the results of the diverge phase as a group in order to decide on some collective output.

What is a divergent model?

Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. It typically occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing, “non-linear” manner, such that many ideas are generated in an emergent cognitive fashion.

What is divergent and convergent thinking with examples?

The convergent example asks for a vehicle, whereas the divergent example doesn’t rule out options like moving closer to work, telecommuting, walking, carpooling, or taking public transportation. Both examples will produce valuable results. The convergent example may be driven by other issues.

What is divergent and convergent series?

Convergent sequence is when through some terms you achieved a final and constant term as n approaches infinity . Divergent sequence is that in which the terms never become constant they continue to increase or decrease and they approach to infinity or -infinity as n approaches infinity.

What is divergence design thinking?

Divergent thinking is an ideation mode which designers use to widen their design space as they begin to search for potential solutions. They generate as many new ideas as they can using various methods (e.g., oxymorons) to explore possibilities, and then use convergent thinking to analyze these to isolate useful ideas.

What is difference between convergent and divergent?

Summary. Convergent thinking focuses on finding one well-defined solution to a problem. Divergent thinking is the opposite of convergent thinking and involves more creativity. In this piece, we’ll explain the differences between convergent and divergent thinking in the problem-solving process.

What is difference between divergent and convergent thinking?

How do you know if its convergence or divergence?

convergeIf a series has a limit, and the limit exists, the series converges. divergentIf a series does not have a limit, or the limit is infinity, then the series is divergent. divergesIf a series does not have a limit, or the limit is infinity, then the series diverges.