What is the easiest DriveTest Centre in Ontario?

Based on failure rates of different drive test centres all across Ontario, the easiest place to get your driver’s license is Kenora, way up in northwestern Ontario. The failure rate for the G2 road test there is only 7%, meaning almost everyone passes their test there.

How many mistakes can I make on a driving test Ontario?

There are no set number of mistakes allowed on a driving test. One mistake could cause you to fail if it is a safety issue like failing to stop or speeding. If you have problems with parallel parking or if you don’t check your mirrors quite as often as the examiner would like, you may pass anyway.

Where is the best place to do your G2 test?

Your Best Chances

  • Guelph. G2 Road Test: 63%
  • Orangeville. G2 test: 63%
  • Burlington. G2 test: 64%
  • Oshawa. G2 test: 64% pass rate.
  • Kitchener. G2 Road Test: 69%
  • London. G2 Road Test:69% pass rate. G: Road Test: 69% pass rate.
  • Barrie. G2 Road Test: 70% G: Road Test: 76% pass rate.
  • Kingston. G2: 74% pass rate. G: 72% pass rate.

Which driving test Centre has the highest pass rate in Ontario?

Ontario G2 and G Road Test Pass Rates

Test Center G2 Pass Rate G Pass Rate
Toronto Downsview 48% 55%
Toronto Etobicoke 51% 47%
Toronto Metro East 56% 65%
Toronto Port Union 53% 54%

Is it hard to pass your G2 test?

Worried about passing your G2 test? The final hurdle to becoming a fully licensed driver, the G2 test is known to be a hard nut to crack. Anecdotal evidence indicates you can boost your odds by taking the test in a smaller city with a high pass rate.

What is the hardest drive test Centre in Ontario?

According to the map, the hardest places to pass your road tests based on failure rates is Brampton, with Etobicoke in close second. Brampton has a 53 and 41 per cent failure rate for G1 and G1 road tests respectively, while Etobicoke has a 51 and 47 per cent failure rate for G1 and G2 road tests respectively.

What is the average amount of driving tests to pass?

A huge number of aspiring drivers pass the test in 2nd or 3rd attempt. However, most of the standard drivers are able to pass within 5th attempt. But then, you will also find some who took 6th to 12th attempt to pass the test. As mentioned earlier, there is no such limit to sit for the test.