What is the fastest Lancair?

Lancair IV
Lancair IV is one of the fastest civil aviation aircraft in the world. Lancair IV has been designed to operate at high altitudes. Lancair IV has two variants. Lancair IV is one of the fastest civil aviation aircraft in the world.

How fast is a Lancair 4?

253 mph
General Specs (Lancair IV-P): – 4 Passengers, Wingspan 35 ft 6 in, Gross Weight 3,550 lbs, Fuel Capacity 90 US Gal, 110 US Gal with extended tanks. Performance Specs: – Cruise 253 mph at 24,000 ft, Range 1,347 nm, Endurance 6.0 hrs, Rate of Climb 1500 ft/min.

How fast is the Lancair Mako?

Normally Aspirated Aircraft

Lancair Mako Cirrus SR-22
Seating Capacity 4 4
Max Cruise KTAS 200 180
at Cruise Altitude 9,000 ft 8,000 ft

How fast is a Lancair Legacy?

The retractable version of the Legacy cruises at 276 mph at 8,000 ft and the fixed gear version cruises at 215 mph.

Is lancair Mako pressurized?

Mako is not pressurized although they could conceivably build one based on the ES-P vs the ES. Interesting interior and control design also. Very interesting also to compare it to the pressurized LX7 which is based on the IV-P.

Is lancair aerobatic?

The Lancair family of aircraft has covered the range of private pilot aircraft from the solid two-seat aerobatic Lancair Legacy, the economical two-seat Legacy fixed-gear to the four-seat, fixed-gear Lancair ES, the 330 mph Lancair IV speedster to the fourth-ever pressurized piston single in the history of aviation.

Is Lancair IV P safe?

Today, the fatal accident rate for Lancair aircraft is 10 per 100,000 flight hours, which is disproportionately high compared to the GA fleet (approximately 1 fatal accident per 100,00 hours) and other experimental amateur-built aircraft (approximately 2 fatal accidents per 100,000 hours) (NTSB, 2010).