What is the function of the superior and inferior colliculi?

The colliculus as a whole is thought to help orient the head and eyes toward something seen and heard. The superior colliculus also receives auditory information from the inferior colliculus. This auditory information is integrated with the visual information already present to produce the ventriloquism effect.

What is the role of both colliculi in the mid brain?

Tectum. The tectum, or the quadrigeminal plate, consists of the two pairs of relay nuclei, collectively called the corpora quadrigemina. The superior colliculi are involved in the processing of visual information. They receive afferents mainly from the retina while sending their outputs to the lateral geniculate bodies …

What happens if the superior colliculus is damaged?

Direct damage to the superior colliculus has been tested in rhesus monkeys as well as rats and has resulted in clinical manifestations. Researchers found that the monkeys with damage to the superior colliculus to have visual deficits as well as impairments in gaze shifts.

What is the function of the inferior colliculus?

Almost all ascending and descending auditory pathways between the brain stem and forebrain synapse within the inferior colliculus. Principal functions of the inferior colliculus involve sound localization, frequency determination, and integration of auditory with nonauditory systems.

What does the lateral geniculate nucleus do?

Visual System in the Brain The lateral geniculate nucleus is a multilayered structure that receives input from both eyes to build a representation of the contralateral visual hemifield. The basic pattern of the LGN in primates consists of four layers, two each for each eye.

What does the medial geniculate nucleus do?

The medial geniculate body is the major auditory nucleus of the thalamus. Parts of the medial geniculate are hypothesized to function in directing auditory attention.

What is the function of the inferior colliculi?

What is inferior colliculus and superior colliculus?

The inferior colliculi of the midbrain are located just below the visual processing centers known as the superior colliculi. The inferior colliculus is the first place where vertically orienting data from the fusiform cells in the dorsal cochlear nucleus can finally synapse with horizontally orienting data.

What is the lateral geniculate nucleus in the thalamus?

The lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN; also called the lateral geniculate body or lateral geniculate complex) is a structure in the thalamus and a key component of the mammalian visual pathway. It is a small, ovoid, ventral projection of the thalamus where the thalamus connects with the optic nerve.