What is the generic for Trifexis?

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Active Ingredient(s) Fipronil and Cyphenothrin Spinosad/Milbemycin Oxime
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How long does Trifexis last dogs?

30 days
Trifexis is effective for 30 days of protection against infestation. It protects against heartworm and intestinal parasites, and it treats and controls adult hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm infections.

Why does my dog still have fleas after using Trifexis?

Your dog can continue to be exposed to fleas that live in the environment. When fleas jump onto and bite your dog, they will be killed by Trifexis. If, within a month after your dog receives Trifexis, you see fleas on your dog, they are most likely new fleas.

What is cheaper than Trifexis?

One dose of Sentinel costs about $5 less than one dose of Trifexis. Sentinel can be given to puppies at beginning at 4 weeks; Trifexis can be given to puppies beginning at 8 weeks.

What can I use instead of Trifexis?

Sentinel. Like Trifexis, Sentinel is a flavored tablet containing milbemycin oxime for prevention of young heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. For protection against fleas, Sentinel contains lufenuron instead of spinosad.

Should Trifexis be given with food?

It doesn’t have to be chewed – you can give it to your dog like any other tablet medicine. Give your dog Trifexis with food for maximum effectiveness. Once your dog has swallowed the tablet, Trifexis gets to work on killing fleas, preventing heartworm disease, and protecting against intestinal parasites.

Do fleas have to bite for Trifexis to work?

Spinosad, an active ingredient in Trifexis, starts to work within 30 minutes to kill fleas and has been proven to kill 100% of all biting fleas within 4 hours. Trifexis also kills flea eggs before they can mature, which helps to end the flea life cycle.

What can I give my dog instead of Trifexis?