What is the glass in a sand filter for?

Glass has a slight negative charge on the surface to attract fine particles, which cling to the media like static-charged socks to a sweater. This weak charge releases the particles upon backwashing for a more efficient cleansing. This is because glass, which is less dense than sand, doesn’t pack as tight.

Why is my pool filter blowing sand into the pool?

Broken laterals and snapped seals are the most common reasons your filter is blowing sand into your pool water.

How long does glass media last in a sand filter?

Sand media needs to be changed out every 3-5 years depending on the water and debris load that is going through the filter. Glass media lasts about 2-3 times as long as sand filter media. Sand will require longer backwashing to clean the dirt out of the system as there is more volume of media to go through.

Is glass good for pool filter?

If the media filter decision has been made, then why not treat yourself to the clearest pool water available and choose glass. Glass is the clear winner for media in filters.

How often should you change the glass in your pool filter?

Low maintenance This can take as little as five minutes, depending on the size of your pool. What’s more, glass media only needs to be replaced every 8–10 years, while cartridge filters need to be replaced every 2–3 years and sand media every 3–5 years. This means less monthly maintenance and more swimming!

Should sand come out when I backwash?

In general, you shouldn’t be losing sand from your sand filter. Nor should any sand be coming out during backwashing, rinsing or filtering. If sand is coming out, something is wrong. You shouldn’t need to be topping up the sand in the filter either.

Why is there sand in my pool pump basket?

The most common problem is a cracked lateral, which is one of the perforated pipes at the bottom of the filter that catches water that has circulated through the sand. Whether it’s a lateral, the standpipe, or a seal that is worn or broken, you can usually fix the filter yourself, but it may take a few hours.

What happens if you put too much sand in a sand filter?

Too much sand and your filter will likely not run correctly or may break when reassembling. Too little sand and you will have cloudy water no matter how much your filter runs.