What is the highest package offered in CDAC?

Highest reported salary offered who graduate from Cdac is ₹85lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹29lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹48lakhs per year.

Can we do CDAC with job?

I know many of you felt heartbroken when you could not make through GATE to IITs. It’s kind of a great chance missed and you don’t have a year time to prepare again.

Which CDAC is best for placement?

Best Top 10 Ranking wise Best CDAC Institute in India

Rank CDAC Institute
3 CDAC Knowledge Park

Is CDAC worth doing?

CDAC is one of the best institute for pursuing advanced PG Diploma courses . These courses are all short duration 6 months courses. I have completed my pg course from CDAC Noida and got a very good placement opportunity in the core domain . My review about CDAC Noida is good .

What is average package after CDAC?

On an average, the salary package ranges from 4.5L to 8L. Around 10% of the companies offer 10L-13L package and another 10% offer 8L-10L package.

Is C-DAC full-time?

C-DAC’s Post Graduate Diploma courses are full-time courses of 900 hours (approx 30 weeks). The list of PG Diploma courses being offered in March 2022 along with their eligibility criteria and fees is given in Table 1. Details of these courses are given in Section 17 of this Admission Booklet.

Can we do C-DAC externally?

C-DAC is executing various external & internal projects, selected candidate may be placed or transferred from one project to another as per the requirement of projects. Duration of projects also may vary as per the requirements.

Is CDAC course easy?

It is not at all tough if you have the passion for coding or even learning ECE and CSE or MECHANICAL for that matter are all same at CDAC, it purely depends on how much effort you put in in these 6 months that will make you stronger.

Is CDAC entrance exam tough?

CDAC is an easy exam to crack if planned properly. Your basic concepts should be clear. Section A : There are total 50 questions from Aptitude,Resoning and English, level of question.

Is CDAC easy to crack?

Answer. CDAC is an easy exam to crack if planned properly.